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Nano Sneaker Spray - 50ml

Nano Sneaker Spray - 50ml

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Long Lasting Protection From Rain and Stains 

Resole Hydrophobic and Oleophobic sneaker spray uses innovative materials and nanotechnology redesigned on a molecular level to form a water, dirt and oil repellent effect within the fabric fibres.

Our Sneaker spray is packaged in a Flairosol bottle which allows for even coverage due to its fine mist spraying capabilities. Our Flairosol bottles are also much better for the environment than aerosols and help to gain maximum coverage.

In order to achieve best results, please see the below instructions for application:

Ensure shoes are clean and dust free before spraying. Spray the shoe at a distance of 15/20cm with a sweeping motion to allow for full and even coverage. Allow a drying time of 10-15 minutes. Ensure that the shoe has dried and proceed to spray a second coat. Allow the shoe time to fully dry over 24 hours for best results. Multiple coats can be sprayed if needed using the steps above. 

Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Use only in well ventilated areas.
Do not consume and avoid inhalation.

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